Android Nougat Release Problems: Features get same issue, split screen app support lacking

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Android nougat release problems updates

Android Nougat was finally released after its long Developer Preview program since March. The said OS promised to bring a lot of changes to smartphones with the help of Google Chrome OS updates.

Several improvements were detailed after its official launching this month. These included new multitasking split screen mode, redesigned notification panel, adjustable UI scale and fresh emoij icons. For now, the latest operating system version focused on phones and tablets.

Concerning other devices like laptops and desktops, Google Chrome announced the same upgrade for compatibility as well. This was done through updating its WebView component. According to Ars Technica’s thorough review of the new OS, its multiprocess duties were improved in line with the recent Android Nougat OS updates.

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However, following these changes were the requirements for an extended memory usage. It was already anticipated for the supported devices. With that being said, WebView APK file faced concerns.

In addition to that, split screen feature also lacked app support except for the video apps. The simultaneous app functions won’t work if they’re both running. The review stated that if the other app is live, the other app (on the other screen) became frozen.

Nevertheless, Android Nougat upgrade could be best for work especially with its New Quick Settings wherein a user could easily toggle to the notification panel and customize. It could also prevent battery drain from app usage. Plus, its dual system partition setup prevented the device bricking.

Among the features slated for the new OS, its virtual reality platform became a hit as it prepared the device for the modern VR system for watching movies or gaming. In order to support that, Android Nougat also included faster graphics and sensor pipeline.

Through the double buffering feature, it could also prevent the device’s “screen tearing” whenever the user uses the device for VR-related purposes. That means, every device with an installed or upgraded OS could avoid experiencing slower frame data.

Generally, Android Nougat pros comprised well-upgraded and guaranteed device protection which makes its outstanding compared to the previous OS versions. Moreover, it allowed devices to prepare for virtual reality viewing without compromising the device’s functions.

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It may have a problem when it comes to split screen feature, yet with multitasking duties, the user won’t have any issues using their smartphones with an installed Android Nougat OS. The report also mentioned about Android Nougat future updates which will be developed and released soon. Perhaps, fixing the split screen app will be included.

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