Apple Air 3 rumored to be waterproof and slimmer

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apple air 3
Image Courtesy: John Karakatsanis/Flickr

On the face of the unavailability of any confirmation from the Apple representatives speculation have been rife about the Apple Air 3 variant of the iconic iPad. Industry observers expect that gadget to make its debut in 2017. Apple plans to make the device waterproof as well as markedly slimmer than its predecessors.

Neurogadget expects Apple to unveil the product at a keynote event slated for the March of 2017. Previous expectations of the gadget being unveiled in October at the keynote event “Hello Again” were negated.

Those keenly following the moves of the tech giant expect the Apple Air 3 makes its debut simultaneously with the launch of the iPad Pro 2 lineup of products and Apple Air 3 is supposedly the end of the line for the Air range of products due to newly introduced iPad Pro series.

It is widely expected that the Air 3 will have a slimmer body as thin as 5mm. It is also expected to be resistant towards dust in addition to being waterproof. 7000-series aluminum body which will make the Apple Air 3 both resistant and sturdy, an 8MP rear camera alongside with a 2.1 MP front camera are the specifications experts expect the device to have. It is to be powered by the A9X chipset from apple and would support up to 4GB RAM. The screen is said to be 9.7 inches and would support resolution up to 4k.

Some leading experts also are of the opinion that the Air 3 could be cheaper than the Air 2 when launch prices are considered. The Air 2 current sets you back by $399 for the 32 GB variant, while the 128 GB variant will cost you $499.

Contradicting such reports Engadget says that the whole lineup might be discarded and Air 2 just might be the last of its kind.

This may have some basis in light of the fact that Air 2 was launched in 2014 while the Pro version saw its launch in 2015 in September. No mention was made of the Air 3.

Though the previous versions of the Air have their software updated their A8 processors are admittedly dated, especially when you compare them to the A9X whose performance are comparable to that of desktop processors.

Picture Courtesy: John Karakatsanis/Flickr

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