Apple iMac 2017: Speculations about specs and release date on the best iMac ever

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The absence of an iMac at the October event in 2016 has in no way deterred the enthusiasm of iMac lover. On the contrary, their hopes for the best Mac ever in the form of the Apple iMac 2017 remain resolute and firm. The rumor mills are abuzz with expectations of the Touch Bar being introduced in the iMac 2017.

Touch Bar

The Apple iMac 2017 is set to follow the footsteps of the MacBook Pro as far as the addition of the Touch Bar functionality is concerned. This OLED strip with multi-touch functionality could add to the productivity of users. Its interactive commands enable users to shift in-between apps. It is also expected that the function keys could also be discarded altogether reports

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Apple iMac 2017 specs

Reports hold it that the addition of the Touch Bar to the Apple iMac 2017 translates to a mouse or trackball free future for iMac fanatics. The future iMac will also have a Kaby Lake chipset. Apple is also set to incorporate AMD’s Polaris 10 graphics architecture. According to the folks at AMD, this next-generation GPUs will bring the relatively uncharted territory of VR to a larger audience.

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The 27-inch variant

As per The BitBag, the 5K monitor is set to be revamped and improved. Full flash storage is also very much on the cards. The 27-inch variant of the Apple iMac 2017 will have Fusion drive. It will be powered by a full strength 10-core Xeon E7 processor from Intel.

The Fusion drive will have a storage of 2TB and the memory is expected to be 32GB. This variant of the Apple iMac 2017 is expected to cost more than their current generation counterparts. They are expected to come at $3,199.99. But the iMac 2017 should surely give its users a run for their money.

But as with all things Mac there is a tight veil of secrecy surrounding Apple’s devices and nothing can be said to be certain.

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