Apple starts iPhone 8 campaign; Tech giant begins to reduce orders for iPhone 7

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Apple Inc. has reportedly begun to reduce orders for iPhone 7s. Sources say that the sales momentum began to start fading.

Following the initial sales influx within the first month of iPhone 7’s launch this past September, Apple’s suppliers are reducing their supply of the device in the market. Digitimes reports that this is due to strong demand for the Jet Black iPhone 7. The issues of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also contributed for the initial shipping momentum. These two factors have now trailed off in producing more iPhone sales leading up to 2017.

Due to these factors, demand for the iPhone 7 in China and other markets worldwide has scaled down significantly. While the timing aligns with the tech giant’s typical iPhone manufacturing slow down towards the end of each year, attention by consumers and suppliers is now on next year’s much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone.

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Digitimes cited sources from Taiwan’s handset supply chain in making its report. An excerpt from the outlet goes:

“Instead of paying attention to sales performance of the iPhone 7 devices,” their sources said. “Component suppliers and consumers alike have been shifting their focus to the next generation iPhone to release in 2017.”

High expectations for next year’s iPhone 8 are also one of the factors for the shipment outlook for the iPhone 7 as the new year approaches. Reportedly, shipments for the iPhone 7 are five million less in the first six months of 2017, according to MacRumors. That is less than in the four month period the device will have been available by the end of 2016.

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Market rumors indicate that the next generation iPhone will come with curbed OLED display, all-glass finish and dual-lens cameras. It will also have an enhanced CPU and advanced sensors while supporting wireless charging and mixed reality technologies.

If these rumors of the upcoming iPhone 8 prove to be true, perhaps the suppliers and consumers are right in holding back for next year’s 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhones.

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