Clash Royale dethrones Pokemon Go as top grossing iPhone app

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The Pokemon Go‘s winning streak has finally come to an end.

After 74 days of being the top-grossing app in Apple’s US App Store, the augmented reality game’s streak was snapped on Tuesday even though Nintendo a week earlier released a companion accessory aimed at making the game easier to play.

Pokemon Go was supplanted by developer Supercell’s strategy battler Clash Royale. An update to the battle game was released earlier by Supercell that included a new tournament mode, new cards to battle with, revamped existing tournaments, improved social features, hefty discounts on existing items and new virtual goodies for sale. New microtransaction offers have likely had the most impact on its finances, with ‘Epic Chests’ containing only the rarest cards and one-time-only offers having committed players reaching for their wallets.

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One of the reasons Pokemon Go lost the crown is likely to be the sharp drop in players. It lost 15 million users in around a month from a high 45 million at the peak of Pokemania. However, with plans to introduce new features of its own and now having a reliable server stability, Pokemon Go could dethrone Clash Royale again.

In terms of revenues on iOS and Android, Pokemon Go is the fastest mobile game ever to reach number 1 with a record of being at the top in less than a day on iOS and just four days on Android. Clash Royale, the previous record holder, had two days on iOS and seven days on Google Play to reach the top spot.

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Niantic, which developed the game along with Pokemon Co., said the app had been downloaded more than 500 million times. Pokemon Go gets its revenue from the virtual goods that help players succeed like the many games that are free to download and play. Firms estimate the game has generated more than $500 million in revenue.

According to The Australian, Niantic and Pokémon Co. are planning further enhancements, such as the player battles and character trades, while the game will work with the new Apple Watch. Meanwhile, the Pokémon franchise is growing. Pokémon Co. is planning to release two new games in November for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system, and it is working on titles for Nintendo’s next gaming system, code-named NX, due out in March.

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