The Division: Underground DLC release date, trailer and gameplay news revealed

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As reported earlier this week, Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting its first major expansion this month and it will bring some new gear sets for players to experiment with. Developer Ubisoft confirms the release date of The Division’s” first DLC at the E3 press conference this week.

Ubisoft has only provided a brief description of the first paid DLC Underground, saying that the game will take players down into the maze-like structures of the New York City subways. In addition to the new gaming environment,  The Division’s Underground will also introduce four new gear sets for players.

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The first gear set is the B.L.I.N.D. suit, which is said to be the best for damage with burst-fire weapons. B.L.I.N.D. is interesting because it provides players with 100 percent critical hit damage with Pulse (2 pieces) and 100 percent resistance to Blind/Deaf status effects (3 pieces). If the player has at least four pieces equipped, then killing a target will create a flashbang effect at that position. There’s also a special battle rifle that increases damage against blinded targets.

The second gear set for the Division Underground expansion is the Firecrest suit. This suit is deadlier because it increases Incendiary Bullets capacity by 3 (2 pieces), increases carrying capacity, increases reload speed by 100 percent (3 pieces) and gives players incendiary bullets for 10 seconds after killing a burning target (4 pieces).

The final gear set is the FrontLine. This gear increases Ballistic Shield health (300 percent) and Ballistic Shield damage resistance (100 percent). It also allows a player to use an SMG while Ballistic Shield is deployed.

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In addition to the new gear sets, The Division Underground expansion will also feature new randomly-generated tunnels, deadly urban dungeons and a new incursion called Dragon’s Nest. As indicated in the game trailer, players’ shooting skills will be put to the test as the game promises a fight that never ends.

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s “Underground” will be available on June 28 for Xbox One and PC players, followed by PlayStation 4 on August 2.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer: Underground DLC Gameplay – Expansion 1 – E3 2016 [US]

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