Gentlemen prepare yourselves: It’s Honor 8 versus Pixel

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Honor 8 versus Pixel
Picture Courtesy: Maurizio Pesce/ Flickr

When its Honor 8 versus Pixel, you know you are in for an interesting contest err, comparison. Both are not in the same class financially, however. The Honor 8 costs about $400 while Pixel will set you back by $650.

The initial reaction

The Honor 8 supports an all glass design with a metal frame. Pixel, on the other hand, opted for polished glass and metal on the back side. Both come in an attractive hue of blue that captures your attention. However, when viewed in terms of pure looks the Honor 8 has the upper hand in this Honor 8 versus Pixel contest. None of them are lacking when it comes to the quality of the build. Both are also a delight to hold according to Android Headlines.

The common ground

The displays of both the devices are similar. So are the physical dimensions. But the Pixel weighs 10 grams less. Both have the Full high-definition display. The processors of both are advanced as are the GPUs. But it must be noted that these are different makes. A 32GB variant is available for both but only Honor makes an effort to put an expandable memory to this variant. The came areas of both the models are quite good with the same MPs. Here also Honor 8 has the edge with dual cameras. Fingerprint sensors too are present in both. Other standard features are also shared.

What’s Going for Pixel

Pixel splash water resistance is a good feature to have. The latest Android 7.1 Nougat is another advantage together with receiving the fastest updates. Google Assistant is also built-in reports

Honor 8 versus Pixel: Who wins

But my vote will have to go the Honor 8 though it works only in GSM networks. Price is a factor. Honor 8 also has the honor of a larger display. With much of the specs and features being comparable, the Honor 8 wins. This is as it adds in expandable memory, a larger battery with Smart Power 4 and DTS sound.

Picture Courtesy: Maurizio Pesce/ Flickr

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