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Google has not yet confirmed reports that it plans to merge its two major computing platforms, Chrome OS and Android OS, but the merger plans have been reportedly in the works for years. Ever since Chrome OS development chief Sundar Pichai replaced Android OS head Andy Rubin in 2013, the industry has predicted that the two platforms would someday merge into one new operating system, a move that marks an effort by Google to reduce the number of independent platforms the company has to keep up.

Search giant Google originally built both platforms in parallel, but now Android has emerged as the dominant operating system in the world and Chrome OS making major inroads in the global PC market. The pressure is on Google to merge the two computing platforms.

Combining the two platforms means setting up Android to run on laptops and desktop, which would need major changes and added supports for Google Play Store.

The Chrome OS, which based on Linux Kernel, is not a full-featured operating system, but it gives a good basic functionality for a user who are looking for a reliable easy-to-use computer. Google launched Chrome OS on 2009, while the first Chrome-powered laptop, which also known as Chromebooks, arrived on May 2011.

Sources said that it got the latest piece of evidence indicating that a merger was imminent. Reports said that a user in the Chrome OS subreddit reported a glitch which indicates that Android apps would soon be available on Chrome OS. Sources said that it saw a pop-up box requesting permission to turn on the full Google Play store for Chrome OS, but the box immediately disappeared.

Experts believe that this is a forthcoming feature that the search giant has accidentally leaked of its upcoming developer conference on May. For them, this is a big deal. Creating an easy way to run Android-based apps on Chrome-powered devices would be a big help for the user because it address the Apps runtime issues on Chrome that only works for a few programs.

Reports said that the merged operating system is expected to be unveiled later this year. While the news somewhat a surprising move for everyone, Chromebooks have been fairly successful when it comes to low-cost computer option, with this development it’s now easy to see how the search giant really got here.

Pichai, who has been appointed to head both Google’s platforms, has made some significant moves to combine the two operating systems into one, of course, this will include some additional supports for Android apps running inside Chrome OS.

Earlier this year, Google has announced a convertible Android laptop, dubbed the Pixel C. This could be the early sign of the possible merging between the two leading platforms.

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