Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: Black Friday deals, take your pick

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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo
Picture Courtesy: Robert Scoble/Flickr

The Amazon held its pride of place as the original smart speakers. That is of course before Google invaded the scene with Google Home, their product. Though the core set of features remains the same there are characteristic differences. And of course, in this Google Home Vs Amazon Echo are there any Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Deals

LA Times rightly opine that holiday deals are good news for lesser familiar gadgets like Home or Echo. Families and individuals are more likely to experiment with something new if they know they are getting a good bargain.

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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: Price

Black Friday deals have made the Home cost $99 at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target. The Echo on the other hand usually sets you back by $179. But this Black Friday you can get discounts from $20-$40 depending on the retailer. We should also take care to mention the Amazon Echo Dot which costs normally just $49.99 when it comes to the Google Home Vs Amazon Echo price battle.

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Google Home Vs Amazon Echo: Features

The question that next comes to mind is how they fare head to head in terms of features according to

Both the gadgets are smart and can respond to requests. Both have a respective cloud service which allows them to have this feature. Both can connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi. Also, both are quite small in size.

Echo cannot connect to different gadgets to play music which the Home can. But this comes with a caveat. The user has to have Google Chromecast. However, the real difference lies in personalization. The home can take the input from the various Google services and makes life easier for you. Answering questions is also a breeze.

The Echo too has its share of upsides. It has more partnerships with third party apps called in the Zone world as skills. As of now, there are nearly 900 of them. Given enough time the Home should be able to catch up in this front too.

Photo Courtesy: Robert Scoble/Flickr

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