Google Pixel Release Date, News and Specs: New smartphones release expected on early October; Specs and features revealed

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Photo Courtesy: pittaya/Flickr

Pixel and Pixel XL, the new name of Google’s Nexus range of smartphones, will be making a debut in an event the multinational tech company will host on Oct. 4, according to a teaser video announcement made by the company.

In the 30-second video posted via YouTube, Google teased the viewers that showed a familiar Google like search engine bar which transformed into an outline of a smartphone with the Google app logo seen on the side and the date Oct. 4 on it.

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Google then made another teaser with a social media post via Twitter tweeting, “October is coming. With a hashtag #madebygoogle”. This confirms past speculations about the release of Google’s flagship smartphones.

A report made by Android Police said that according to their independent sources they believe that “Google’s formerly-maybe-Nexus-phones, Marlin and Sailfish, will be marketed as the Pixel and the Pixel XL.”

The upcoming Google-distributed devices will differ in sizes and specs, the report continues. The main differences between the higher end model,  Pixel XL, and the standard, Pixel, are the dimension, battery capacity and processors.

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According to a report, the higher-end Pixel XL will sport a 5.5-inch 2,560 x 1,440 resolution screen with an active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display. It will run with a still unnamed quad core 2.0GHz 64-bit processor and a 4gigabyte (GB) random access memory (RAM).

Pixel XL’s cameras will have a 12-megapixel (MP) in the rear and a 8-MP in the front. Its battery is a beefy 3,450-milliampere-hour (mAh) and a standard 32GB internal memory storage, with the option to upgrade to a 128GB if needed. As expected, it will also come with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and a USB Type-C port.

Meanwhile, the standard Google Pixel will have a smaller 5-inch full high definition (HD) AMOLED display feature, 4GB of RAM, quad core 2GHz 64-bit chipset, the same cameras and a smaller 2,700mAh battery.

No matter how certain several tech insiders seem, the reported Google smartphones’ specs should still be considered as speculations at this point. After all, everyone will finally confirm these reports in no more than a couple of weeks.

Photo Courtesy: pittaya/Flickr

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