Intelligent Xbox controller coming, PS4 falling behind?

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Recently, Microsoft has made a huge announcement when it opened the Xbox One to support cross-network play. With this move, Microsoft has made it clear that it’s now ready to go ahead and support the feature with Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. And today, Microsoft is making another big move, its entering the competitive gaming with a whole new intelligent controller, the Xbox One Elite controller.

Microsoft Xbox One is getting big help from Cinch Gaming, a well-known name in the competitive gaming scene. Cinch Gaming is developing an intelligent controller for the Microsoft Xbox One gamin console. The new intelligent controller, which is currently in development for Xbox One gaming console, can analyse how user play and gives feedback based on the user’s playing style.

And it’s not just hardware stuff, there’s also a mobile app. The new mobile app will help users track everything they do in the game. It collects data from the intelligent controller via Bluetooth wireless connection, and then compared the user’s gaming stats form the other players and professional players. With this data, players can now see what they do differently from other players and know how to adjust this one.

The new intelligent controller also brought improved grips and the much anticipated addition of paddles on the back side of the controller, which give users the ability to remap their controller to their liking. With the intelligent controller, players can now save multiple preferences for all the different games they play.

Currently, Cinch Gaming is placing their smart muscles on Microsoft Xbox One, with their main focus on popular games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. At this moment there’s still no words about the Sony release, which means that Sony could fall behind in the competitive gaming scene. The Japanese giant has sold nearly 36 million PlayStation 4 consoles, but Microsoft advances in the competitive gaming scene could drive serious gamers away from the PS4 console if Sony doesn’t respond quickly. This could spell serious trouble to Sony’s gaming business.

Picture Courtesy: Marco Verch/ Wikimedia Commons

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