MacBook Pro 2016 review: Crafted to perfection

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MacBook Pro 2016
Picture Courtesy: Tony Webster/Flickr

Apple must be applauded at the consistency shown by it for the past two years. It has invented new tech and has made several enhancements to its product lineup that has delighted users. It has also done away with what it considers to be obsolete. Think the CD drives and the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The MacBook Pro 2016 does not deviate from this norm.

The lineup

The MacBook Pro comes in three main variants- one without the coveted Touch Bar and Touch ID and a display size of 13-inch. There is another 13-inch cousin with the said features. Finally, there are the 15-inch larger sibling reports The Telegraph.

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The Touch Bar

The Touch Bar, a thin piece of LCD touchscreen that sits just above the keyboard, is undoubtedly the unique selling point of the MacBook Pro . According to, it is a tiny processor with an OLED display.

The Touch Bar is flexible and may be customized to one’s fullest desire. This is in sharp contrast to the physical static buttons. The concept is to give you the user control in whatever you do. Consumer empowerment is definitely a good idea. It suggests upcoming words as you type. In iMessage, it may very well show you a bunch of emojis. If you are watching a video it will display a slider that will allow you to scrub back and forth. If you open Safari you will be greeted with your favorite websites.

Touch ID

Touch ID has not attracted as much attention as it should have and is underrated as an innovation. But with it, an iPhone can be unlocked by just tapping the home button. Its usage has also been extended to Apple Pay, logging into applications and confirming changes in security settings. And the MacBook Pro 2016 has it!

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Performance and Battery

The device is on the expensive side and one would expect best in class performance and Apple has managed to deliver on that account this time around.

As far as battery life is concerned it will give you 10 hours to perform day to day activities promises Apple.


As far as the rumors had it the MacBook Pro 2016 certainly lives up to expectations.


Photo Courtesy: Tony Webster/Flickr

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