Microsoft Build 2016: Windows 10 gets major facelift, big update coming this summer

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At the Build 2016 developer conference event in San Francisco today, Microsoft announced a Windows 10 Anniversary Update, slated to release this coming summer.

Windows head Terry Myerson has introduced the huge update at Microsoft’s BUILD 2016 event in San Francisco. Myerson detailed a slew of new features coming to its latest operating system, said that the update will not only for PCs and tablets but also for smartphones, Xbox, HoloLens and IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi.

The company described Windows 10 as an “operating system as a service” that would receive ongoing updates to its features and functionality. This also means that Windows users are still getting new builds and updates even though that Windows 10 launched back in July 2015. Microsoft emphasizes that the company’s latest operating system will not just receive updates like previous versions of Windows, but more significant improvements over its lifetime.

Bryan Roper, the product manager at Microsoft’s Windows Group, took center stage to detail what the 270 million Windows users can expect this year.

First, Roper introduced Windows Hello, which the company described as a biometric authentication system that provides instant access to Windows 10-powered devices. This feature allows a user to access apps and online services without using a password.

Watch the video below to learn more about Microsoft Hello:

Next, Roper talked about improving pen support in Windows 10 for devices such as Surface. Here, he introduced Windows Ink, a new experience for using a pen or stylus on your Windows device. Rope showed off a Sticky Notes app integrates with Cortana and handwriting recognition. Rope also showed how developers can leverage Windows Ink in their app development with just a few lines of code.

Microsoft is also making the Windows 10 more open source-focused and developer-friendly. The Redmond-based company has introduced a brand new feature called Linux subsystems. Microsoft has brought the Linux Bash shell command line to Windows 10 platform, running as a native Ubuntu binary on a Windows subsystem. Kevin Gallo, director of Developer at Microsoft, showed off the Linux Bash shell at the opening keynote of Build 2016 in San Francisco. Microsoft said the goal of the Linux development is to allow developers to use Linux tools and utilities when working on Windows platform.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 Mobile will pick up support for Xbox One controllers over continuum later this year. In addition, Microsoft will also make Xbox One has a platform for UWP apps, unifying the Windows Store so users can buy and run the same apps on both.

Other big improvements coming to Windows this year include simplified background execution, App Extension or the ability to write UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications that support third party extensions, improved Cortana APIs, Action Center in the cloud, and better analytics for developers via the Windows Store and Dev Center.

Microsoft says that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will arrive this summer and that Windows testers and developers will be able to play with it sooner. Microsoft has really shown solid improvements to Windows 10, but mobile efforts remain small compared to the iOS or Android platforms.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the latest features of Windows 10 Anniversary update:

Microsoft shows off latest features of Windows 10 Anniversary update (by CNET News)

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