Microsoft Surface Book i7 review: Cool but costly

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Microsoft Surface Book i7
Picture Courtesy: Lachlan Hardy/Flickr

The Microsoft Surface Book i7 is just the second device in Microsoft’s lineup of convertible laptops. The device has a lot going for it. Its top half consists of a 13.5-inch tablet. The PixelSense screen has support for both touch and pen. The keyboard forms the device’s base and its GPU makes it stand out among its contemporaries.

Microsoft Surface Book i7 review

Earlier there were reports that Microsoft will do away with its dynamic fulcrum hinge but in the Microsoft Surface Book i7, it is very much present. In design. it is akin to its predecessor. The screen has a resolution of 3200×2400 pixels. It features a dual-core Core i7-6600U Skylake chipset. The device has options of 256GB to 1TB of SSD storage. It also has 8GB and 16GB LPDD3 options.

Enthusiasts interested in technology, experts, fans alike have hailed the laptop’s speed. In addition, its long battery life is also a winning advantage according to PC World. Some have even gone to the length of stating that it’s more practical than its Apple counterpart, the MacBook Pro 2016.

The Book i7 has both full tablet as well as stylus modes. In addition, it also boasts of full-size USB 3.0 ports and SD card slots. The end verdict would be, if you can afford that laptop-tablet convertible then go for. Which brings us to its biggest drawback, it’s cost.

According to CNET, the Book i7 will be expensive. In fact, prices start at $2,399 for its basic variant with 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM. For the full-fledged, top of the line variant featuring 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, you will have to burn deep holes in your pocket. It costs $3,299.

It’s expensive cost is undoubtedly the biggest drawback of the Microsoft Surface Book i7. Experts have opined that at that price it could have easily accommodated by a Kaby Lake chipset. The graphics of the device, however, must be spoken of in superlative terms with a truly incredible performance. It is quite evident that Microsoft went to great extents to ensure the quality of graphics.

Picture Courtesy: Lachlan Hardy/Flickr

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