Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumors: Smartphone revolution planned with Continuum mode

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Photo courtesy: Microsoft Corporation/Wikimedia

There has been no official statement from Microsoft regarding their release of the long awaited Microsoft Surface Phone. However, rumors and speculations are suggesting that the phone will be revealed to general audiences this month.

Microsoft is going to organize an event on October 26, 2016. Although the event is being organized for Windows 10, it is being rumored that the company will provide more details regarding their upcoming device, according to University Herald.

One of the major reasons which is being considered for the delay in release of the Microsoft Surface Phone is the upcoming update to the latest operating system (OS). The latest OS has been codenamed as Windows 10 Redstone 2 by Microsoft. It is scheduled to hit the shelves for sale in spring, next year.

The main feature of Microsoft Surface Phone which is doing the rounds is the “Continuum mode”, according to NeuroGadget.

“Continuum is the notion that one computing experience is continued regardless of the device used or the location. It allows for a consistent user interface, a familiar style of operation for the user to become accustomed to. This is a new feature set to arrive with Windows 10” as reported by

Microsoft Surface Phone is rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor. The phone will have a massive internal storage capacity along with huge RAM, thus making it the fastest phone in the flagship category, as reported by The Bibag.

Several rumors are suggesting that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be priced around $699-1,100 across multiple variants. Although there has been no official news about any release date, it is being speculated by many fans that the phone will be unveiled either next month or sometime in March, 2017.

Photo courtesy: Microsoft Corporation/Wikimedia

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