Netflix versus Amazon Prime: Amazon Enters Netflix’s Domain

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It’s Netflix versus Amazon Prime as amazon pitches its video streaming against Netflix. Netflix is the largest paid online TV network in the world. But Amazon has slain other Goliaths before.

Official announcement

Amazon currently offers its video streaming service only in a few countries. It announced its further ambitions in a blog post concerning ‘The Grand Tour.’ It is a new lavish reality show featuring the former cast of ‘Top Gear’ made popular by the BBC.

The company announcement came on its website. “In December, the show will premiere in 200 countries and territories around the world, exclusively on Amazon,” it said. Jeff Bezos also went public on Twitter mentioning the plans

Netflix versus Amazon Prime

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. It has spent billions of dollars in acquiring and developing video content for its Prime service. Prime simply refers to the service where customers pay $99 a year and get free shipping and access to its library of content.

This has provoked a pitched Netflix versus amazon prime battle. Prime is the biggest threat to Netflix yet. Netflix’s operations reach 190 countries across the world.

The Prime strategy

The eCommerce giant figures that if people stick around on Amazon to watch videos they are more likely to shop more as well. Amazon needs global rights to video content as well as get green lights from regulatory bodies from around the world. It has started acquiring those rights earlier this year reports Bloomberg.

The market

Streaming video is big in the West. Markets where broadband penetration is not that deep pose more problems. The leading streaming services like YouTube and Netflix have already proven their potential.


Amazon earlier had started a standalone video service. This was meant to complement its existing product. So, it is a sort of add-on to Prime. Amazon plans to start the service in line with the launch date of ‘The Grand Tour.’

The Telegraph reports that unlike their linear British counterparts, none of the streaming video services will give out viewing figures. So prepare for an entertaining Netflix versus Amazon Prime war!


Picture Courtesy: Robert Scoble/Flickr

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