New Xbox One S leaks before E3 event, Microsoft’s Xbox One S coming this year?

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Rumors run rife on the web that Microsoft is planning to launch a smaller, more powerful version of Xbox One at this year’s E3 event. A freshly leaked image posted on the NeoGAF forums today has provided the first look at the new gaming console. According to sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans, the Xbox One S will be 40 percent smaller than the current Xbox model.

Images leaked by multiple NeoGAF forum members has confirmed the news about the new “Xbox One S”. Multiple Xbox sources had also confirmed to tech site Ars Technica that some sort of “slim” system would be announced at this year’s E3 and that it’s a major part of its bulk reduction will come from the removal of its AC adapter’s power brick. However, the leaked image did not include information about price or release date estimate.

Earlier reports also suggest that the rumoured Xbox One S will support 4K video, though sources have said that 4K support will mostly manifest in the system’s menu and in any streaming app that announces support for 4K output in the future, which means that this will not include the kind of hardware upgrades needed to automatically boost current software to 4K resolution.

The leaked image posted on NeoGAF has also suggested that the power supply for the Xbox One S is built-in, a first for a recent Xbox console. New reports also suggest that the upcoming Xbox One S console will likely to introduce a whopping  2 TB hard drive to provide gamers significantly more space for digital storage. However, the rumored increased graphic capacities will likely beef up new game file size and consume much of the new storage space.

At this stage, gamers still have no idea what the gaming console would look like, though reports said that it will be about 40 percent smaller or slimmer with the standard Xbox One console.

In addition, the leaked image also trumpets support for high range content, a vertical stand, and a “streamlined” controller, though it still yet to learn what exactly will be streamlined or changed in that controller. The leaked image shows only a refreshed white version.

Not much information is known about the new Xbox console, questions about its features, price point, and even release date estimate remain unanswered.

Gamers could learn more about the Xbox One S at Microsoft’s press conference tomorrow. A Microsoft spokesperson has already provided its statement about the leaked image.

Picture courtesy: Seyi Ogunyemi/Flickr Creative Commons

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