Niantic offers sneak peak at ‘Pokémon GO’

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Pokémon GO logo owned by The Pokémon Company. (Photo Courtesy: Lucasstar1/Wikimedia)

Niantic Labs has finally released official images of “Pokémon GO” and its gameplay. The Nintendo product is the one of the most anticipated augmented reality games that is set to be released sometime later this year.

In a previous report, it’s noted that beta testing was already launched in Japan this month and will be released to other countries in the upcoming weeks. A clip of the possible gameplay of “Pokémon GO” was released during the Texas at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference last March 19 where Niantic’s chief executive John Hanke was present.

However, Niantic debunked the news that the beta testing has already happened in Japan. The company announced that field test will be happening in Japan very soon as features, languages, design and overall appearance are not final.

Niantic also called “Pokémon GO” the next generation of the company’s “Real World Gaming” platform that encourages gamers to explore the world. The developers noted that a wild Pokémon can only appear depending on their native environments.

PokéStops that are strategic locations such as museums and landmarks wherein items like Pokémon eggs and Poké Balls will also be present. On the other hand, players can battle each other or join up and form a team. You can view the gameplay images here.

Pokémon Gyms will also be made available at real world locations. Special and exclusive events will also happen in different parts of the world like in Niantic’s popular AR game, Ingress. And if you find the sneak peek unsatisfying, more exciting news will be released in the upcoming days.

“Pokémon GO” is an augmented reality game by Nintendo and developed by Niantic Labs. It will be available for Android and iPhone users via Google Play and Apple Store.

The game will also include a small, watch-like device known as the “Pokémon GO Plus.” It will be connected to the player’s smartphone via Bluetooth to notify the player about a wild Pokémon or Pokémon trainer nearby.

Photo Courtesy: Lucasstar1/Wikimedia

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