OnePlus 4: New phone rumored to be better than iPhone 7

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Photo Courtesy: opopododo/Flickr

Many tech observers believe that the Chinese mobile maker OnePlus is already making a follow-up of their highly successful OnePlus 3. With more hype and rumor surrounding the OnePlus 4, it appears that the rumors are becoming only more plausible. Rumors have it that it will be better than Apple’s iPhone 7 and it is strongly believed that it will be released in mid-2017.

Earlier this year, the OnePlus 3 had a successful launch with reports that due to the massive demand of the smartphone, OnePlus had to pause the sales of the device in 23 countries in Europe and Hong Kong. The device also beat the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge and Apple’s iPhone 6s by landing the top spot in the Top 10 Performance Smartphones list of benchmarking platform AnTuTu.

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With most of the information about the OnePlus 4 falling under the category of rumors, there is not much to know about the device. If there is truth to these rumors, the OnePlus 4 will pose a serious challenge to its smartphone counterparts as the company will be looking to boost its RAM and built-in storage among other feature improvements.

According to The Bitbag, OnePlus 3 currently has 6 GB of RAM and a large 64 GB of built-in storage which is already higher than iPhone 7’s 2 GB of RAM and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7’s 4 GB of RAM. For OnePlus 4, consumers may expect to have a 8 GB of RAM plus a 256GB external storage via microSD card.

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During the manufacturing of the OnePlus 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset was the most powerful processor that was available to OnePlus, which runs the said device. It is believed that the OnePlus 4 would also be using the most powerful Snapdragon available upon its production.

From the camera, OnePlus 4 may come equipped with a 23MP rear-facing camera as opposed sticking to the 16MP sensor that’s currently available on the OnePlus 3, though that is mere speculation.

As for the price of the smartphone, it can be expected that the OnePlus 4 will carry a price tag of a bit over $400 upon launch, based on the trend that the OnePlus was released in $349, the OnePlus 2 at $389 and the OnePlus 3 at $399.

Photo Courtesy: opopododo/Flickr

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