OnePlus 4 release date, specs, features latest update; iPhone 7 identified as key competition

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The latest news of the tech start-up providing flagship-killer technology to the masses at dirt cheap prices has arrived. OnePlus 4 is strongly rumored to be in the testing stage and will be released with upgrades intended to challenge Apple’s iPhone 7.

The current-generation OnePlus 3 is doing pretty well in certain sections of the global mobile market. However, the company is yet to surpass the ripple it created through its release of the OnePlus 1. The fourth product from the company is expected to take the market by storm in comparison to its predecessors.

OnePlus 4 is expected to feature a quad HD display. This will pit the product against South Korean giant Samsung’s Galaxy series. The design of the phone is also rumored to be updated along the lines of the latest phones. It is set to feature a curved screen, The phone will also have expandable storage, which could rise up to 256 GB, as reported by Value

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The OnePlus 3 currently houses 6GB of RAM, unlike any other top-end device in its category. The fourth version of the device is expected to have 8GB of RAM. It has also been rumored to be equipped with the next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor. The operating system of the device is speculated to be Android 7.0 Nougat.

In regards to camera, the device will feature a 23 megapixel rear-facing camera unit.

The phone is also set to break away from its own identity and dive into the market demand for looks. It is set to offer more colors, functions and customization for the users. This will be made in accordance to the latest demand for user preference, flexibility and choice.

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The company is expecting OnePlus 4 to become the strongest competition to iPhone 7. With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 being recalled around the globe for faulty hardware, the South Korean tech giant’s reputation and sales has taken a major setback. This is where OnePlus is looking to capitalize, according to

OnePlus 4 is expected to be released during mid-2017. However, there are rumors suggesting that the product could be released a couple of months earlier. This would mean that it would face stiff competition from the likes of LG G6, HTC 11, and Samsung Galaxy S8, which are also expected to be released around the same time.

Photo courtesy: BenjaminNelan/

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