Pokemon Go Update: Capture location feature, nearby tracking system and bug fixes update

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Developer Niantic recently released a new update for Pokemon Go on both the iOS and Android platforms. Aside from improvements for the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, the update also includes some long awaited bug fixes.

According to Phone Arena, players of Pokemon Go will be pleased to know that the update includes the capture location- adaptation 0.39.0 for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS – which is more of a statistic related feature than a gameplay mechanic. It means that Pokemon that were caught previously will now display the location where they were trapped. It cannot be missed since the information is available on the Pokemon’s statistics screen.

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Another overhaul was also revealed by Niantic Labs for its super effective Pokemon Go application for iOS and Android. Although it accompanied new components, it neglected to show the upgraded framework that was beforehand tried out two months back.

Sadly, the nearby tracking system that was to be an enhancement to the “Sighting” feature of Pokemon Go did not make it the latest update. The tracking system was intended to not just give a rundown of close Pokemon for easy following, however it was intended to offer warnings to Trainers at whatever point a Pokemon is at a particular PokeStop.

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Players of Pokemon Go using the new Pokemon Go Plus accessory will be satisfied that an interesting gamplay feature was added with the latest update. Trainers can now attempt to capture Pokemon they encounter from using Incense with the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral.

Some issues have also been addressed as well. For example, a bug where some users who get stuck at the loading screen, even after restarting the application has been fixed. Also, a bug where the camera sometimes moved at slow speeds during battle was also addressed by the developers. Some other minor bugs and text fixes have been implemented too.

On a side note, Niantic says that exciting new features and changes are coming soon, so expect more interesting updates to Pokemon Go in these coming weeks.

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