‘Pokémon GO’ Update: Many game details leaked from Japanese field test

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Pokémon GO logo owned by The Pokémon Company. (Photo Courtesy: Lucasstar1/Wikimedia)

Field testing of “Pokémon GO” has already started in Japan this week. Many details about the augmented reality game were leaked online.

Reddit user Juxlos posted all the details from the on-going field test. Here is the list of known information about “Pokémon GO.”

  • The original 151 Pokémon are included and can be classified as Normal, Legendary, and Mythic.
  • There are a total of 232 moves and attacks which include moves like “Moonblast” that were not present in three original Pokémon video games released in 1996.
  • These moves don’t have 100 percent accuracy due to a dodge function.
  • Pokémon Badges are like achievements in the game.
  • There are 7 Pokémon “natures” in the game which are Assassin, Champion, Guardian, Protector, Raider, Sentry and Stoic.
  • Pokémon evolution works by collecting “evolution shards” from wild Pokémon to form “evolution stones.”
  • Distance walked, number of eggs hatched and other factors like Ingress will be kept on track.
  • Players can customize the trainer’s look with 52 total items and 23,328 unique combinations.
  • Items like “ball”, “medicine”, “food” and “gem” packs are part of in-game purchases.
  • Items can be separated into six categories including Boost, Camera, Food, Medicine, Pokeball, and Utilities.
  • The trainer can only reach Level 50 for now but the inventory limit for items is 1000 and 500 for Pokémon and eggs.
  • The “Pokémon GO” menu has the Pokédex, Pokémon and Items slot while the game engine is built on Unity.
  • Damage variables are also included while “Combat Points” accounts for how difficult it is to catch a wild Pokémon.
  • The teams are blue, red, and yellow.
  • “Gym Points” will also be introduced in the game but no one has an idea on what it means.
  • Different backgrounds will appear during for Pokémon encounters and gym battles depending on the Biomes.
  • The game has a day-night cycle.

There is still no exact release date for “Pokémon GO” but expect Niantic and Nintendo to make the announcement sometime later. The game will be available for Android and iPhone users via Google Play and Apple Store.

Photo Courtesy: Lucasstar1/Wikimedia

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