PS4 Pro: Tips on how to fix your TV connection failure

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PS4 Pro has finally made its way into stores and a problem has recently surfaced to derail temporarily Sony’s successful launch of its gaming console as social media and gaming forums are awash with players reporting that their PS4 Pros are having TV connection failures.

Based on the players’ complaints, some people are apparently have been getting no picture at all from their PS4 Pro, while others can not get the device to output HDR and 4k at the same time even though their television sets seemingly support it.

Reports are also swirling of the PS4 Pro failing to function on players’ TVs through AV receivers even though those receivers apparently support HDMI ports compatible with the necessary HDCP 2.2 digital rights management protocols and latest HDMI 2.0a specification, according to Forbes.

PlayStation has already acknowledged the problem since it already garnered an official response on Sony’s EU PlayStation Forum. KingGobbo, an Online Support representative, admitted the issue’s existence and suggested a temporary solution involving switching the console into Safe mode and changing its digital rights management setting from HDCP 2.2 to 1.4.

A more permanent solution is apparently underway as a firmware update is already in the works from either PlayStation or the TV manufacturers. However, as players wait for the fix, here are some suggestions that might help with the console’s TV connection problem, per John Archer of Forbes:

Check the HDMI port

Check the TV’s manual whether the HDMI input is up to spec as some 4K TVs, specially sets from 2015, don’t support 4K HDR on all of their HDMIs. Also check individual HDMI spec if experiencing issues with an AV receiver as only a few HDMI ports on a receiver support the latest specifications.

HDMI port must be switched to HDR mode

Depending on the TV sets, players will have to manually set an HDMI input to receive HDR signals. This is hardly ever made clear enough in either from TV instruction manuals or the instructions from external HDR sources like the PS4 Pro.

Also, AV receivers usually have two 4K modes for their HDMIs, so toggling between these where the PS4 Pro is connected to could be a solution.

Connect the console directly to TV

If the above-mentioned tip does not work, connecting the console directly to TV could do the trick. PS4 Pro does not seem to be feeding back the capabilities of the TV properly if it is connected through external loops like sound system, so a more obvious solution would be to connect the console directly to the TV.

Check the HDMI cable/HDMI splitter

Check if the HDMI cable can carry enough data to deliver the full 4K HDR experience. Make sure the HDMI cable used is ‘Premium Certified’ or capable of handling 4K HDR levels of data.

Change the RGB range

The last option, although a long shot, if nothing else has worked thus far is to try changing the RGB range, according to Forbes. If HDR images are still absent from the TV, players can head into the Video Output Settings part of the Sound and Screen options and change the RGB range from Automatic to Limited.

Given these suggestions and still nothing else has worked, the only solution would be is to use what the PlayStation Online Support has originally suggested although it is very far from ideal. Hopefully, PlayStation can a offer a fix to the problem soon.

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