Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding

Reports of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding have been gaining traction online recently, indicating that the South Korean tech giant may be in hot water again.

Currently, Samsung has also been offering the S7 or S7 Edge to customers who want to replace their explosive Note 7s, as a means of pacifying irate owners. Though this may soon backfire, with the reports of several Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding.

According to sources, the most recent incident was reported by a reader of tech website PhoneArena, claiming that a customer of the store that he works for came in, complaining that his Galaxy S7 Edge exploded while it had been charging.

To make matters worse, the unit was a supposed replacement for his “defective” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which he returned when the tech company announced the massive recall of their smartphone.

The report adds to increasing cases of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident involving a defective Galaxy S7 Edge.

Just last September, reports of a smartphone user in Ohio sued Samsung after a unit exploded in his pants. This caused second and third degree burns a certain Daniel Ramirez, requiring him to undergo painful skin grafts. A few weeks ago a similar incident also happened to a Filipino woman, wherein an S7 edge unit caught fire while her daughter was using the smartphone.

Though three cases may still look insignificant compared to the hundreds of cases faced by the Galaxy Note 7, the cases of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units exploding may still be an alarming indication of the South Korean company.

On another note, similar problems seem to be plaguing other manufacturers as well. Just last Thursday, an Apple iPhone 7seemingly followed the same fate of its main competitor, exploding in the car of an unnamed man, destroying his car in the process.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.

Except for the track record of Apple.

Photo Courtesy: Kārlis Dambrāns/ Flickr

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