Samsung and Sony developing smart contact lenses that can record and playback videos

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In the past few months companies throughout the tech industry have declared themselves to be in the wearable computing. Samsung, best known for its industry-leading consumer gadgets and smartphones has recently filed a patent on smart contact lenses, which can project images straight into the users’ eyes.

The company publicly disclosed in a patent application that they would develop a smart contact lens that enshrines a mini camera inside the lens. According to the Samsung blog, SamMobile, the South Korean patent shows a drawing of the lens, which consists of a camera, miniscule display, an antenna and sensors that can detect the users’ movements and connect with the external device to process data to a gadget. Samsung said that when this invention becomes a reality, users of the contact lens can snap photos in the blink of an eye and save it on their smartphone or tablet.

Rival Sony is also on the hunt, working on a futuristic type of contact lenses, which allows the contact lens user to shoot videos and play them. Reports say that the smart lens will be built with an organic electroluminescence display screen that is capable of recording and even playing videos all straight from the smart contact lenses. The smart lens can also perform auto focus, exposure adjustments, zooming and even calibrate a camera with a blink.

According to Inquirer.net, Sony’s smart lens use piezoelectric sensor to gather information on the eyelids’ closure time or when it winks. There’s also a smart gyro sensor that used to measure the eyelids’ tilt. The sensor uses electromagnetic induction to receive power.

It’s not just consumer electronics companies bellying up to the wearable space. Internet giant Google is also reportedly working similar devices, and has recently tested a set of smart contact lenses that can monitor the glucose intent and hydration levels of people with diabetes by measuring the glucose levels of their tears.

Watch the Samsung video below to learn more about Samsung smart contact lenses effort:

Picture Courtesy: mk7/Wikimedia Commons

Samsung smart contact lenses: with built-in camera is at this point the new Samsung patent.

Video Courtesy: Aban Tech/youtube.com

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