Supposedly ‘safe’ Note 7 explodes while plugged to MacBook; Faulty units never recalled in China

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Samsung Note 7 explodes in China
Samsung Note 7 explodes in China

Samsung’s production team probably took the phrase “hot off the shelves” too literally when they designed the new Note 7. As many would know about 2.5 million units of the smartphone were recalled this month amidst exploding batteries and burnt hands. Since then, the tech giant has assured customers that they have addressed the issue and have released a “safe” batch of Note 7s.

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That is until another one exploded in China.

According to reports, a 25-year old man named Hui Renjie was quietly charged his Samsung Note 7 overnight using his MacBook. The following day, he noticed that the phone began to emit black smoke, then suddenly burst into flames. Fortunately, the owner of the phone only suffered minor injuries, with slight burns to his fingers and a damaged laptop.

Samsung responded immediately to the incident sending a representative to check on Renjie and the remnants of his burnt phone.

“We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it,” the tech company disclosed in their statement.

But the owner of the Note 7 refused, to surrender his phone, and instead posted a video and photos of his destroyed phone and damaged laptop online. He also shared a photo of the phone box and what seemed to be a receipt of the unit, supporting the authenticity of his claims.  Some of the photos shared by Renjie can be seen below.

Samsung Note 7 battery in China produced by different suppliers?

Although CNN reports that Samsung claims “China was not included in that (2.5 million) recall because the batteries in the phones sold there came from a different supplier,” but with Hui Renjie’s incident, the Korean company seems to be burning hot water again.

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Samsung has already faced several other burning Note 7 cases in China, wherein two were already debunked, while another was discovered to have been caused by an external source. The tech giant still faces harsh criticism in the country, though, being demanded to explain the difference of their batteries with the ones that have been recalled from the rest of the globe.

Photo Courtesy: Marufish/ Flickr

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