WWE 2K16 Release Date & Roster: 10 Shocking Deleted Wrestlers from Video Game

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2K Sports is making a huge deal over the fact that “WWE 2K16” boasts of the largest roster of playable characters in the Franchise history. The previous edition, 2K15, had only 67 playing characters which brings us to the fact that the 2K16 has enabled players to choose from 120 different options, Whatculture notes.

However, the recent version of the game has omitted some key characters from their playable roster. Here are the 10 shocking deleted wrestlers from the Video Game.

  1. The Four Horsewomen: This is one of the most shocking omissions from the game as fans won’t get to choose these 4 top female wrestlers as they have not been included in the 2k16 version.
  2. The Dudley Boyz: The storyline brothers are important division of the company right now and their exclusion from the future WWE Tag Teams will make the game poorer.
  3. Owen Hart: The Canadian star and often referred to as the “Bionic Redneck” wont be part of the gaming visuals given his troubles with the WWE.
  4. ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase: One of the biggest superstars of the late 1980s, the WWE champion is legendary in its own right. He is still working for the company but failed to appear in the game.
  5. Legion of Doom: Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler who forms the legion of doom didn’t quite make up to the game makers list of playable characters.
  6. The Sandman: Though Sandman does not appear to be one of the performer of the WWE as he doesn’t sport a good wrestling physique, his feud with Steve Austin in 1995 should have an interesting part of the gaming storyline.
  7. Samoe Joe: His long time career with TNA might have urged makers to consider him as a popular choice for the game.
  8. Razor Ramon: Being in the WWE Hall of Fame, the makers should come up with come good excuse to explain the omission of Razor Ramon from their plans.
  9. Tazz: The colour commenter on smackdown, Tazz was part of WWE from 2000-2009. Although his commentary career scores past his wresting career, the inclusion of him would have been an interesting choice.
  10. Braun Strowman: His recent debut in the WWE might have been the reason for excluding him as the roster is releasing this October.
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