Xbox One S Release Date, Specs, Features: Xbox One is better, experts reveal

Xbox One S, also known as Xbox One Slim is among Microsoft’s new console releases in 2016. Many were excited about it, but it’s not really worth having.

A lot of avid Xbox One players were curious about this new console released by the tech giant recently. Based from descriptions, it’s more powerful than Xbox One. However, this was contrasted by reviews.

It might sound cool to own Xbox One S for streaming live television shows with ultra HD visual component. But if you want to use it for gaming, it has a bad quality. 

Xbox One S may be the new console release by Microsoft, but it doesn’t create much more power than the usual Xbox One. According to reports, the new console can support 4K to Blu-ray and video. But, for gaming, Xbox One is still considered more reliable than the newer avatar of the console.

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Reports suggest that Xbox One S can only support 4K at 30Hz, so it’s considered useless for gaming. Xbox One on the other hand can support double the capacity.

Another negative point for Xbox One S is the price increases with memory size. $299 for 500GB version, $349 for 1TB and $399 for the 2TB.

One of the positives of the product is that everyone can enjoy powerful streaming and watch both television shows and movies with 4K resolution.

All of the streaming services by Xbox One S contains high dynamic range (HDR) visuals because of the machine’s use of eight core central processing units with a six teraflop graphics processor.

In terms of style, the console oozes out modern design. Microsoft ensured unprecedented innovation with the redesigned version of Xbox One controller which is available for Xbox One S.

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The controller has textured handles to allow the players to experience an improved grip and an increased wireless range. 

Microsoft mentioned that compared to Xbox One, Xbox One S has a high memory capacity from 500GB to 2TB. In terms of power supply, Xbox One S has a built-in power supply. This is amazing, considering the console’s size has reduced by 40% than it’s predecessor.

Phil Spencer,  head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, noted that by having Xbox One S as an example to the new innovation, avid gamers should expect beyond what they saw later on. He described this console as the most powerful console ever made.

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