10 lessons Roger Federer wants you to learn on how to fail, win more in Wimbledon and rule the world

10 lessons Roger Federer wants you to learn
Learn the 10 lessons Roger Federer wants you to learn and master on failure to win more Wimbledon and rule the world. He mastered them and conquered sport.

Being unbeatable requires a lot of hard work. To be the king in any given field, one must exert much effort and take measures beyond anybody else. In the world of tennis, no one denies the Swiss legend fails and wins in his sport. Here are 10 lessons Roger Federer wants you to learn on how to fail, win in Wimbledon and rule the world later on.

Currently ranked No. 3 in ATP Rankings, Roger Federer was able to conquer the world of tennis. He succeeded in his sport and defeated many great athletes in his career. In fact, he is labeled as one of the greatest tennis players of all time (GOAT).

Since he started in 1998, his successes are continuously recognized until 18 years in the world of professional tennis. He might be in his age to retire but he still remained active and participative in any major events like the recent Wimbledon 2016.

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Roger Federer never feared failure.

It doesn’t matter he fails or not as long as he plays his game by heart full of passion and commitment to finish every tournament he started. Andy Roddick mentioned that his lax and cool nature as an athlete made him terrify other athletes. Consequently, he has lived his longevity and remained on top of the world.

He turned challenges to opportunities.

He never treated setbacks as a sign of weakness but a sign of opportunity to boost and to improve his strategy in a match. He worked harder and focused more instead.

He focused on his own strengths.

Learning one’s strengths is the most courageous act anybody can do. But only a few does. The Swiss legend once told that as long as he is doing the right thing, he doesn’t have to worry about.

He stayed relevant.

He might be in his early 30s now, but he is still able to play against great tennis players younger than him. His body might not be as active as he was and might be prone to injuries more than he was. Yet, he remained vigorous and beat younger athletes.

He mastered confidence and self-control.

Former American Grand Slam champion, Andy Roddick, admired his composed aura in every tournament. Compared to him, he was able to control his emotions. Hence, it is obvious if anyone stayed control to his self despite the gushing emotions inside, focus is retained.

He is focused.

No one can be on top when someone is too distracted with many things. In order to bull’s eye one’s goal, he has to be focused on that. If not, he won’t be able to catch up.

With Roger Federer’s case, if he allowed the retirement rumors to sink in his mind, he would’ve done that ages ago. But he didn’t. He remained his focus on playing until the right time comes for him to stop.

He worked harder than ever.

This does not mean everyone should be burnt out to be successful. It means to say, anyone should be strategically smart to succeed. In simpler terms, work smarter, not work harder. In every game, Roger Federer worked hard to be on top. Every athletes know that. In just two years, he defeated a lot of tennis players and became one of the top 10 GOAT players of all time.

He is humble.

Remember the Marcus Willis’ story? After he won against the Cinderella man, he stayed aside and cheerfully acknowledged the crowd cheer not for him, but for Willis.

He is flexible.

During his early years in the sport, Roger Federer knew he had to adapt the world tennis system to succeed. Thus, he adapted the tournament’s optimum strategy to defeat Mark Philippoussis in 2003 Wimledon finals and won his first trophy.

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He never forgot where he came from.

That one thing many fans loved about Roger Federer is his acknowledgement of an unending training and practice in his sport. He was never complacent and always prepared. By looking at his status now at 34, he keeps on working hard to compete like he did 18 years ago.

If you want to succeed, take these lessons Roger Federer wants you to learn and win the life’s game. Later on, you’ll rule the world like him.

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