Andy Murray shows no sympathy for Sharapova over 2-year ban

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French Open second seed Andy Murray has joined the other tennis players in showing their non-sympathy for Maria Sharapova on her 2-year ban from playing in any tournaments.

Murray has already shown his disappointment over Sharapova’s failed drug test the moment the news came out last March, saying if someone like Sharapova would be punished and banned for breaking the rules, it would be a positive thing and a big improvement for the tennis scene as it means that the sport has stopped covering up for the big stars on their alleged secret failed drug tests.

“I just don’t think the sport should be doing anything to try to protect their biggest stars or anyone who cheats. Whether it is with match-fixing or with doping.” Murray said.

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He added that it’s just simply wrong for players to take enhancing drugs that they don’t necessarily need and that he has always been curious about how some players do not get tired easily during plays.

The world’s number two has also criticized Head, Sharapova’s racket manufacturer, for their decision to stand with her even with the news of her failing the drug test. The company said that they chose to extend their contract with Sharapova as they believe that she has made a mistake and has earned their benefit of the doubt.

Murray has recently expressed his unchanged opinion over Sharapova’s ban and said that not being aware of the drug she took being put on WADA’s prohibited substances is not  a valid reason for her to defend her failed drug test.

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“I don’t really see that as being a valid excuse. If you’re taking any medication, it’s your responsibility as the athlete to check and make sure what you’re taking is legal.” Murray stated.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Andy Murray

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