Australian Open: Andy Murray breakthrough year versus Novak Djokovic

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Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic

Andy Murray must be looking at 2017 from a different perspective. As the Australian Open starts, the Scottish professional tennis player joins in as the world’s new number one ranked player.

It’s like having a fresh start where his confidence comes oozing in, especially if he looks back to an impressive 2016. Or, perhaps it’s going to be where the real hard work comes in for Andy Murray. Where the journey to the top of the rankings may have been quite a challenge, staying there should be even more exhausting. Still, Murray feels it’s no different at all.

“Andy Murray says it feels no different to enter the Australian Open as the world number one. A few players do now address him as ‘Sir’ – but that, he says, is with tongue firmly in cheek,” according to a report by BBC.

Andy Murray to face Novak Djokovic in Australian Open

Andy Murray ended 2016 with a bang after he beat his rival Novak Djokovic in the World Tour Finals. Currently ranked world number 2, Novak Djokovic quickly bounced back by beating him in the Qatar Open.

While Andy Murray may be number one, with much momentum on his side, it is worth noting that Novak Djokovic has won the tournament six times in all. Meanwhile, Murray has lost five of his last seven. If the top two players in the world meet this time one can expect it to be a long match.

“The way that we both play, we can’t just hit through each other in one shot,” Murray told BBC.

“It takes a few big shots to win points, so if we’re playing well they tend to be long physical matches. Doha was good because I was able to see how well I recovered from it: the first week of the year, you can be a bit stiff and sore. I pulled up pretty well, so it was positive.”

Breakthrough year for Andy Murray versus Novak Djokovic?

Numbers don’t lie, but Murray likes his chances against Djokovic, even though the latter seems to have the advantage being a six-time champ.

“I think I have a chance to win here. Obviously, nothing’s guaranteed. I’m playing well. Practice has been good. I feel healthy. I’ll give it a good shot,” Andy Murray said in a report by the Roar.

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