Australian Open: Venus Williams talks about her age, addresses ‘Gorilla’ comment

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Venus Williams, Australian Open, Serena Williams
Venus Williams, Australian Open, Serena Williams

The WTA number 17th ranked singles player in the world, Venus Williams has been trying to make her mark in the 2017 Australian Open. She has been ranked number one by the WTA in three occasions, for a total of eleven weeks, and she seems to be appreciating each time she competes.

Venus Williams still has to drop a set in the tournament. She’s been playing beautiful tennis, and made easy work out of her latest opponent from China, Ying-Ying Duan. It also would have done the latter good if she had researched a bit more about the American before they battled at the Australian Open.

“I don’t know anything about Venus’s play. I’ve never seen her play,” Duan Yingying said in a report by SCMP. “I don’t really watch that much tennis so I think my coach will do the job to try to tell me what to do on the court. So I’ll take one day off tomorrow and let the coach do the job.”

Now we know the kind of work they put in, after Venus Williams crushed Ying-Ying Duan  6-1, 6-0. She is set to face Mona Barthel next.

Venus Williams jokes about her age

Venus turned pro back in 1994. Not unlike most women, she probably doesn’t want to talk about her age. But that’s what she got as journalists in the Australian Open talked about being the oldest woman in the draw.

“It’s a congratulations for me being the oldest person in the draw or something like that,” Venus Williams told the NYTimes. Instead of being annoyed by all the questions related to her age, she managed not to take it too seriously, and jokes about it.

“Just like every player here, I have put in a ton of work,” Venus Williams said. “I’m not coming all the way to Australia for kicks and giggles. I’m here as a competitor.”

Venus Williams addresses ‘Gorilla’ comment

Williams was a subject of a controversial comment by ESPN’s Doug Adler, who described her aggression as “the gorillia effect.” Adler has been axed by the network from covering the Australian Open after this drew harsh reactions from its viewers.

Instead of lashing back, the former number one settled her case gracefully. “It’s been a wonderful, wonderful career for me, full of positives,” said Williams, according to USAToday. “That’s what I focus on. I mean, what else can I do? It’s a beautiful life. That’s how I feel about every single thing. It’s just that simple, honestly. I pay attention and address situations that are noteworthy. That’s been my past record clearly.”

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