Djokovic suffers from Nadal and Federer’s absence

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Djokovic suffers from Nadal and Federer’s Absence
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Earlier on this month, Andy Murray snatched the No. 1 ranking from Novak Djokovic amid the backdrop of the Paris Masters. Last weekend he proved that it was no fluke. He defeated the former World No.1 in straight sets to lay claim to the status of the winner of the ATP Finals. This prompted his legendary coach Boris Becker to say that his Djokovic suffers from Nadal and Federer’s absence.

A bad patch

Djokovic is certainly going through a rough patch. He lost to Kei Nishikori and Juan Martin del Potro back to back at the U.S. Open and the Davis Cup semifinals respectively. On the other hand, Murray is on a winning streak. He has won 26 straight matches as a befitting end for the season reports

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The reason

The question that naturally comes to mind is why is the 12-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic almost bereft of titles after Roland Garros? The answer, as per his legendary coach Becker, is that Djokovic suffers from Nadal and Federer’s absence.

Djokovic suffers from Nadal and Federer’s absence

Boris voiced his opinion before the CNN. He said “He didn’t have any opponents anymore, his time was with [Rafael] Nadal, with [Roger] Federer. Andy was always the fourth guy. So, he lost a few his opponents. Murray is showing something he hasn’t shown before.”

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A competitor

But Becker has in no way lost faith to Djokovic. In fact, he believes the competition with Murray will bring out the best in him. “Novak is a competitor at heart. If I have one guy who has to play for my life, I would pick Djokovic. That’s how much I trust him.”

Next season both Nadal and Federer are set to make a comeback so it is going to be a heady mix of former champions out there in the courts. Djokovic’s loss in London could actually spur the fighter in him. Becker said “This could potentially be a turnaround for Novak Djokovic’s 2017. As much as this loss is going to hurt him, it’s probably going to inspire him to be re-motivated, re-energized for next year. Maybe it was a good thing in the end.”


Picture Courtesy: Tatiana/Flickr


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