US Open 2016 Predictions: Andy Murray vs Juan Martin del Potro rematch

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US Open 2016 Andy Murray vs Juan Martin del Potro possible
Latest US Open 2016 predictions expect Andy Murray vs Juan Martin del Potro possibility in the tournament. Will a rematch after Rio Olympics 2016 possible?

On Tuesday, Andy Murray will play against Czech Republic’s Lukas Rosol, who’s famous for beating Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon in 2012. Meanwhile, Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro aka Delpo felt grateful for his return for US Open 2016.

With Argentina’s no. 142 seed Juan Martin del Potro’s return in this week’s tournament, he recalled the times when he defeated the tennis elites like the Swiss legend Roger Federer and Spanish Rafael Nadal back in 2009.

At that time, many expected that Delpo could equal the two GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) athletes and could reach no. 5 in ATP. But that dream suddenly became gloomy as he suffered from a lot of injuries just four months after his US Open triumph.

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Consequently, his rank dropped from no. 125, which was his position when he started his professional tennis career, to no. 262 in 2013. But then he was able to manage to increase his rank to five notches at the end of the same year. That event was tragic for a wildcard like Delpo who defeated great tennis players like Federer and Nadal.

Now that he’s all set for this year’s US Open after seven years, Delpo will start playing against fellow Argentinian Diego Schwartzman on Tuesday. During the interview with ATP, he said that his return in New York felt amazing since his last game in 2009.

“To be as close as I was to never playing again and now returning to re-live these things is something spectacular. Maybe I enjoy it a lot more now because I know what it cost me to be here. With every corner I see, every place where I am, I remember the things I did in 2009,” he cited.

In the meantime, Andy Murray is also scheduled to play on the same date as Delpo in the US Open 2016. With his opponent, Lukas Rosol, the 29-year-old British man denied the claims of reliving the tension between him and Rosol four years ago, Telegraph noted.

“No one likes you on the tour, everybody hates you,” Murray said when asked about Rosol at that time. When the Czech player asked about it lately, Rosol immediately refused to answer. Instead, he stated that he and Murray remained good friends amid the said controversy.

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Will there be a chance for no. 2 seed Andy Murray to face no. 142 seed Juan Martin del Potro once again after Rio Olympics 2016? Will Delpo succeed and earn Grand Slam title in the US Open 2016?

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