Its time to strike back in 2017 with Federer comeback

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federer comeback
Picture Courtesy: Boss Tweed/Flickr

Believers inspire performers. That is no secret. There is nothing more reassuring than to have people believe in you, your capabilities and the efforts you put across. The belief motivates when the endeared believer is you loved one, your spouse. This belief will serve Roger Federer well in the much anticipated Federer comeback. reported “She can´t wait to see me healthy on the court again,” said Federer, “She believes in me, that gives me strength. She sees me for five minutes and knows immediately what´s wrong. I have already asked her, “Do you still think I could do it again!? She said, yes.” She would honestly tell me if she had any doubts.”

Well, Federer will certainly need his lot of believers as he prepares to stalk opponents in the tennis court once again in 2017. But, then again durability is Federer’ one of the key attributes so in all likelihood we are in for a pitched battle with the Federer comeback.

In comparative terms, Federer has been relatively free from injuries with record 65 Grand Slam appearances consecutively between the years 2000 and 2016.

But the left meniscus injury due to an accident that happened purely by chance has set on hold his quest of the 18th major title of his tennis career. He apparently underplayed the injury and should have in hindsight given more time for the injury to heal according to

That led to the drama in the semifinals of Wimbledon, an incident tennis fans across the world are only too eager to forget.

The Hopman Cup slated for January is scheduled to be the comeback of Roger Federer in the Tennis arena. But will it be the Federer comeback? That is a question that only time and the resoluteness of Federer himself can answer but the man himself is undoubtedly the odds on favorite, rankings be damned.

Picture Courtesy:Boss Tweed/ Flickr

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