Marcus Willis tennis career after Wimbledon 2016 vs Roger Federer might plunge; Cinderella man a victim of athlete exploitation; Andy Murray speaks up

Marcus Willis tennis career at Wimbledon 2016 after match against Roger Federer
Marcus Willis tennis career after Wimbledon 2016 versue Swiss legend and world No. 3-ranked Roger Federer might face great plunge due to athlete exploits.

Marcus Willis’ tennis career after his Wimbledon 2016 match against world No. 3 Roger Federer is predicted to experience a great plunge due to the existing athlete exploitation.

Previous reports have already stated Andy Murray’s huge concern about Marcus Willis’ one-time popularity during his match with Swiss legend Roger Federer.

“We need to improve the prize funds of Futures level. It has stayed the same since the 1980s, while the cost of everything has gone up massively since then. There has to be more money at the bottom of the game,” he said.

Telegraph reported about massive existing exploits towards professional tennis players like Marcus Willis. Other players who were like him experienced suffering after one-time fame. One of them played in the most dangerous country in the world to earn more as an athlete.

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The report took the example of Irish qualifier Jamie McGee in 2009. Like Marcus Willis, he experienced one-time popularity. Yet, his dreams plunged down the “food chain” causing him to join tinpot competition in Syria. This happened because McGee’s opportunity to play dramatically reduced. “They call this living the dream?” Telegraph wrote.

To make it clear for everyone, though Marcus Willis had a one of a lifetime match with the legend Roger Federer, it doesn’t mean he will receive the same amount or at least of the same level with the latter.

There is a big difference with how their prize money was measured, Sky Sports cited. Marcus Willis definitely received a thousand percent lesser than Roger Federer. For the season prize money, Willis could receive £258 ($342) whereas Federer with £660,883 ($877,850).

When it comes to the career prize money Willis will only have £72,000 ($95,637) without including sponsorship earnings compared to Federer’s £74.2M ($98.6M). If the ranked-772 Wilis defeated Federer, he could have earned extra £30,000 ($39,849).

With the computations, it’s clear that the real-life Cinderella man has to work at his hardest to defeat the legends and all the current pro tennis champions to secure his living and his future family.

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Otherwise, he’ll end up like the Irishman McGee and among other tennis players who couldn’t afford the living expenses from their earnings.

The question is would the association listen to the two-time world champion Andy Murray’s suggestion to raise the prize money of the newly qualified players or retain the income and their players’ poverty?

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