Meet Murray the new World No. 1 tennis player

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World No. 1 tennis player
Image Courtesy: Alexisrael /Wikimedia Commons

The Scotsman, Andy Murray became the World No. 1 tennis player in ATP rankings for the first time in his career. He achieved the coveted position after Milos Raonic dramatically withdrew from the semi-finals of Paris Masters owing to an injury.

He replaces Novak Djokovic as the world No. 1 tennis player after a rather long reign of Djokovic at the top. The year has been great for Murray after a second Wimbledon championship and after successfully defending his title at the Rio Olympics.

According to Raonic, he had a right leg muscle tear in his preceding match. This pits Murray against John Isner in the finals to be held Sunday reported france24.com.

In the quarterfinals against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga hurt himself. He said in a rather hastily organized news conference,”. This morning I had trouble waking up and getting out of bed. So I went to a sort of clear any serious diagnosis,” he continued “Did some tests. Did an MRI half an hour ago, let’s say. They found that I have a tear, Grade 1 tear in the right quad. Unfortunately, I’m not able to compete against Andy today in the second semifinal.”

Djokovic badly needed Murray to reach the finals of the tournament if he were to stop Murray from eclipsing him and grab the World No. 1 tennis player in ATP rankings. This happened after the Serb fell before Marin Cilic in the quarterfinals of the Paris Masters.

On Monday when the new rankings are announced Murray will now find himself in the top spot.

Raonic’s withdrawal was somewhat of an anticlimax after Raonic built up much momentum. Murray, on the other hand, is on an unhindered winning streak of no less than 18 matches as he laid claim to titles in Beijing, Shanghai and Vienna. Raonic’s withdrawal lifts him 5 points above Djokovic according to the theguardian.com

Image Courtesy: Alexisrael /Wikimedia Commons

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