Novak Djokovic News: Retiring soon, Andy Murray eyes to snatch Tennis no. 1 spot

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Novak Djokovic News, Andy Murray eyes
Novak Djokovic News, Andy Murray eyes, Andy Murray, Tennis

Novak Djokovic is at a pinnacle of his tennis career, for having won 12 Grand Slam singles titles, which is the 4th most in the history of the sport, while remaining at the top of the rankings for a total of 218 weeks now.

At 29 years of age, he is already widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all time. And statistically, with an 83% winning rate in the Open Era, it looks like Novak Djokovic news of further victory isn’t about to ebb. Will he be able to hold off Andy Murray?

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While all seems outstanding on paper, not all Novak Djokovic news is positive. In fact, he’s been giving off a disquieting impression that not only is he not 100% of his element, but rumors are starting to grow that retirement may not be too far off. All these while the world no.2 Andy Murray eyes on chipping off his lead.

The world no.1 tennis player has been having significant injuries lately that’s caused him the tough loss in Wimbledon, Rio and the U.S. Open. But more than that, it’s his personal problems that have been nagging him for some time now.

According to a report by ESPN, Novak Djokovic said that happiness, not winning, is his number 1 priority now.

“That’s my priority now, to get back into that inner joy and really feeling happy for being on the court, and everything else — that comes second and behind that.”

Isn’t tennis fun anymore? Retiring soon? “The period after Roland Garros I had a few difficulties to enjoy.”

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Meanwhile Andy Murray eyes on unseating Djokovic one day, but it’ll be a tough road to follow. He’s now 3,695 pts. behind but looks definitely hungrier than the Serb.

On the pursuit of being no.1, in a report by the Telegraph, Andy Murray said, I think, obviously, trying to reach No. 1 is a goal. I’ve never been there. It’s something I would like to do for the first time, which is maybe more of a motivation for me than some of the guys that have been there before.”

“I want to just try and finish this year strong from a personal point of view. It’s been my best season to date, and I want to try and finish it as best I can.”

In contrast, Novak Djokovic appears lackadaisical, content. In spite of reassurances of his drive to win, something still seems amiss.

“I try to be in this moment and take things slowly, and, you know, I’m not rushing anywhere. I’m not in a need, you know, to achieve anything.”

How do you take this Novak Djokovic news? Could there be any truth to the rumor that retirement may just be around the corner, give it a year or two? Is he more focused on his internal battles than on the challenges on the court?

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