Tennis legend Pat Cash offers Nick Kyrgios tips and advice

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1987 Wimbledon champion and tennis legend Pat Cash shared a handful of tips and advice for current 17 seed Nick Kyrgios on how to release his full potential as a player.

The first advice that Cash offered to Kyrgios is to close his Twitter account, which is usually where Kyrgios gets in trouble for saying things against other athletes. Second, Cash says that Kyrgios should stop reading newspapers, and lastly, Kyrgios should get out on a tennis court and work harder.

Cash also said that Kyrgios should enjoy his life but avoid getting into feuds with other athletes who has no idea of “what it’s like to be out there on your own, around the world playing the best athletes in the world.”

Recalling the days when he was considered a rebellious player, Cash said that he is probably the only player who can understand Kyrgios’ place and what he has and what he is going through, and if he was Kyrgios’ dad or coach, he’d tell him that the thing that Kyrgios needs to do to win tennis matches is the only thing that he should be doing and that he should just “roll with it.”

The Legend said that he sees talent in Kyrgios that could make him the best and successful and leave his name on some boards.

However, Nick Kyrgios did not seem to appreciate all of Cash’s advice, as he laughed it all off in his Twitter account and said that Cash should just keep his opinion to himself and leave Kyrgios alone.

Kyrgios was recently criticized over his behavior during his match against Marco Cecchinato where he was given a warning of code violation after yelling at a ball boy to hand him a towel.

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Kyrgios argued with the umpire for his “unbelievably biased” decision to give Kyrgios a warning and let out streams of curses throughout the match but in the end was able to defeat Cecchinato with 7-6 (6), 7-6 (6), 6-4.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ Pat Cash

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