Patrick Mouratoglou reveals ‘winning formula’ behind Serena Williams’ recent success

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Patrick Mouratoglou, the man credited for Serena Williams’ recent resurgence in women’s tennis, spoke to Tennis Best  where he provided details about the work he had done for the American tennis legend.

According to Mouratoglou, he and Serena had not aimed for this level of success the first time they worked together. In fact, Williams only asked him to help her win at least one Grand Slam title after two consecutive years of drought in major tournaments.

“The first thing they wrote about me was that for me coaching Serena was an achievement after many years of work. And instead I replied that it was a beginning, and that I would have done a good job only if Serena, from that moment onwards, would have reached better results than before. Otherwise my work could not be justifiable. I could continue to do same things of before and be satisfied to see my name next to her. But what could this have meant? Nothing.”

“When we met for the first time she [told me] ‘I want to win at least another Slam title. One!’ She was coming from a negative period, since it was already two years she had not won a Slam title and she wanted a project that could bring here to live again that emotion, that achievement. I started to work in what I believe, that is not creating a perfect player’.

The French tennis coach said he didn’t make any modification in Serena’s playing style instead he just improved what his player has in her arsenal, and for him, that made the greatest difference.

“The most important thing is not what you can do better but how you can become more efficient with what you already have, how you can step up at a higher level. That’s my job.’

Since forming their partnership in 2012, Williams went on to win eight more Grand Slam titles, and more importantly, further enhanced her claim as the best female tennis player of all time with 21 Grand Slam championships around her waist.

Williams, who absorbed her first Grand Slam final loss since tapping Mouratoglou’s service at the Australian Open, is currently preparing to defend her title at her backyard tournament in Miami.

For translated transcript of Mouratoglou’s interview, you can go to Tennis World USA.

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