Rafael Nadal confident of winning 2017 Australian Open

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Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons

Rafael Nadal has been written off by many for his chance of adding another Grand Slam title in his career. But the Spaniard is adamant that he is still continuing to play because he knows he has a chance of winning another major and beating the top-ranked players in the sport.

“If I believed that if could not have this chance during this next 11 months, I would be home fishing,” Nadal stated to on Monday.

“My real goal is to try to compete for the important things and to compete for the important things I know I have I want to try to beat these guys. If I am working hard and I have the motivation and passion to keep going, I feel that if I am happy and I can work the way I want to be, I can be.”

Confident Nadal wants another Grand Slam title

Nadal did not exactly say that he can win the 2017 Australian Open title but many noticed the positive attitude the Spaniard exuded just weeks before the Grand Slam in Melbourne, Australia.

Nadal also added that Australia is one of the countries where he loves to play. Unfortunately for Nadal, he has only won one Aussie Open title (2009) among his 14 career Grand Slam titles.

“I feel that Melbourne is an opportunity to play well again and to have positive feelings and then anything can happen if I start to feel good and competitive,” Nadal added in the article. “I love playing in Melbourne. It’s an unbelievable event. I’m very excited to come back. Last year was a tough year and I just hope to change things this year and play better again.”

The draw for the 2017 Australian Open will be known January 13 three days before the tournament starts. Nadal is currently ranked ninth in the world, so he will have a tough time in his draw if he wants to become the next Grand Slam champion.

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Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons

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