Rafael Nadal insists he’s not thinking of retirement, still ‘happy’ with playing tennis

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Rafael Nadal (Photo courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia Commons)

Rafael Nadal has struggled with his play in recent years but the former World No. 1 is not giving up on tennis stating that he continues to enjoy playing and will remain in the tour for the foreseeable future because tennis remains his passion.

Nadal made his clear his position on his eventual retirement from the sport but insisted that it’s not coming anytime soon.

“The difference is I’m enjoying [myself] on court. I’m not feeling the nerves on court. I can lose, I can win, but I am happy on court. That’s the most important thing. That’s the big difference from what happened last year,” Nadal shared to Tennis World USA.

“Retirement? I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I enjoy playing my sport. It’s about love for the game, about passion for what I’m doing and I’m going to be here until I’m unhappy doing what I’m doing.”

The 29-year-old Nadal has failed to remain among the elite players in the men’s tour even as the likes of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka have maintained their status as the top players in the sport.

Nadal, who is currently ranked just World No. 5, has a record of 12 wins against 5 losses so far this season and has yet to win an ATP title. His biggest disappointment of late was his first round loss at the 2016 Australian Open last January.

Nadal is still seen as one of the greatest players in his generation but his on-court performance has put him in a position where players do not fear of facing him anymore, unlike during his prime when he was touted as equals to Federer and Djokovic.

However, Rafael Nadal remains committed to playing more tennis in his career and even though he has struggled, the Spaniard has reassured his fans that he will continue his passion of playing the sport.

Photo courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

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