Rafael Nadal quits tennis, states Novak Djokovic’s ‘too good’; advises Roger Federer to follow him to retirement

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Rafael Nadal bows out in semis of 2016 Argentina Open (Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons)

The biggest shocker in tennis happened on Thursday as Rafael Nadal announced his retirement from the sport citing the domination of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic as the main reason for him quitting tennis. Nadal also added in the press conference that rival Roger Federer should follow him to retirement since it is pointless to continue playing tennis as the Serbian will win all the majors tournament in the coming years anyway.

“I have struggled mentally the past years and tried to recover in recent tournaments. I played well in some tournaments but always was short of the goal. Watching Novak Djokovic at the Miami Open made me realize that even if I get back to being a top player it’s still not enough as he is playing like no one can beat him. I don’t think I can beat him ever,” Nadal stated via a press conference on Thursday.

Rafael Nadal also has an advice for rival Roger Federer, the current World No. 3.

“I think Roger should also retire soon and follow me. He’s still playing well but just like me it’s just not enough against Novak. Roger will make the semis or finals of the tournaments but he’s always going to get beat by Novak. It’s pointless so just enjoy your time with your family,” Nadal added.

Roger Federer holds the record for all-time Grand Slam titles with 17 majors championships while Rafael Nadal has 14 and Novak Djokovic has 11. Djokovic is pegged to break Federer’s record in the next few years.

Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons

(Disclaimer: This is satirical piece, no interview happened and no real news came out about Rafael Nadal’s retirement. Happy April Fool’s Day.)

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