Roger Federer believes tennis is better now than the past with doping standards

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Roger Federer believes that tennis is doing better at the present than the past regarding doping and how the sport deals with performance enhancing drugs (PED). However, while the tennis legend believes that although the game is not facing a major threat from doping, the drug testing protocols need to be upgraded and certain parts of the world need to become more serious on the matter.

The 17-time Grand Slam winner was present at the press conference of the ATP and WTA Miami Open. Federer will be seen back into action following eight weeks of nursing a knee injury.

“I think tennis is doing more and more. I really don’t think there is a major problem. Tennis is doing a lot better than it has in the past. We’re getting more professional. The program is getting bigger and stronger.” Federer said, as reported by Zee News.

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Roger Federer, who is ranked third in the world, believes that there is no consistency of dope checks around the globe. The 34-year-old said that he gets checked more at his homeland than anywhere else in the world.

“I’ve been in Dubai for 10 years now and been tested once. That’s not OK for me. I get tested more in Switzerland because the guy from Switzerland lives in my village.” Federer added.

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Meanwhile, the Swiss Master mentioned that he is in favor for equal prize money for both men and women. Federer noted that he was the one who fought for an increase in the prize money in tennis tournaments, especially the Slams and knew that it would affect the women’s game.

Federer is also excited for the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and termed the tournament having a “very special flair”. He also stressed on the importance of the Olympics in his career.

Federer won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics and snatched gold in doubles pairing up with Stan Wawrinka in 2008.

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