Roger Federer doesn’t believe he’s the same level as Michael Jordan

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Roger Federer is considered the best player in the history of tennis because has the men’s singles record of 17 Grand Slam titles so far in his career. However, the Swiss Maestro admitted in a recent interview that he does not feel like he belongs in the elite group of his sport even with his success.

Federer was also appreciative of his fans’ support from all over the world throughout his career.

“I really appreciate all the support. I’ve always said that the fact I get so much support, it’s not normal for me. I’m really – I’m not sure if it’s the right word – very proud, it makes me really emotional, getting all this support from all over the world,” Federer said via a Tennis Magazine interview as translated by Tennis World USA.

“I can’t see myself as the kind of idols [Michael] Jordan were to me, they are so above all the rest, I feel like I’m not like them. Maybe I am, but it’s weird. I can’t wrap my head around that.”

Federer added in the interview that he was inspired by what Martina Hingis had done early in her career.

“When Hingis won Wimbledon she was 16 and I was 15, I told myself, winning Wimbledon next year would be totally impossible for me! So I watched her win and my jaw was just on the floor out of bewilderment, I just had no idea how she managed that,” Federer said about Hingis, who became one of the youngest Grand Slam champions in 1997 when she won the Australian Open that year at the age of 16.

In previous years, Federer admitted that Jordan was one of his heroes in sports:


Federer, is considered one of the classiest sportsmen in the world and is admired for his modesty and humility even though he already owns the record for most Grand Slam titles won in tennis history.

Watch Federer’s interview below:

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Photo Courtesy: Official Nike website

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