Tatjana Maria to take legal action on defeat to Alize Cornet

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Tatjana Maria is planning to take legal action on her controversial defeat against Alice Cornet last Thursday at the French Open 2016.

France’s Alize Cornet beat Germany’s Tatjana Maria with 6-3 6-7 (5-7) 6-4 in the second round, but Maria is not contented with the results as she claims that Cornet broke the rules on treatment for cramping.

On the second set of the match, Cornet started to have cramps on her right leg and was given treatments on medical timeouts and changeovers. It is in the rules that medical timeouts for cramping is prohibited, and treatments for cramping can only be given twice on changeovers. Cornet also claimed she had a hip pain on 2-1 of the third set. Cornet was helped by her trainer and the tournament’s supervisor to her chair.

This infuriated Maria, insisting that Cornet broke the rules on receiving treatments for her cramping, and exceeding the 20-second between points rule while she was trying to walk with her cramps.

After Cornet’s celebration of her victory after the match by lying on the ground and sending kisses to the crowd, Cornet and Maria shared a cold handshake, followed by an angered Maria telling Cornet that she was not “fair play,” and Cornet responding to Maria saying “you neither.”

Maria is still fighting for her rights as she told AFP’s subsidiary SID Agency that she and her husband have already talked to their lawyer and are taking legal actions on what happened last Thursday. However, Maria is still not sure whether she’ll be taking legal actions against the International Tennis Federation or the WTA but made it clear that she will not be suing Alice Cornet.

Maria also posted a statement on her Twitter account, saying she is sad that the results are unchangeable, but the issue is not yet done and that rules aren’t there for nothing

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