Tennis: Federer defeats T-Rex in Sunrise Commercial [VIDEO]

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Roger Federer may be out of tennis action until April and is not featuring in the Indian Wells this week, but the Swiss tennis sensation is making his presence felt on the commercial arena. A new commercial for Sunrise Telecommunications saw the 34-year-old fighting it out with a dinosaur, not the plant eating kind, but the greatest predator of all time, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

The commercial sees Federer standing alone in the streets and suddenly feels the tremor of a huge monster approaching. Just as he looks back a T-Rex makes his presence felt and starts chasing the 17-time grand slam winner.

Federer dodges its attacks like a pro and then jumps over the bridge on a moving train. The dinosaur keeps chasing him but the Swiss maestro manages to evade the reptile monster. While he is doing so, the screen suddenly shifts to the location where the VFX shot was created, with green screens all around.

Sunrise covers digital TV, landline network, Internet and mobile and is the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland. Federer is currently recovering from a knee surgery and has not featured in any tennis action since the Australian Open.

Although he has registered his name in the upcoming Miami Masters, it is not certain whether Federer will make his presence over there. However, until we see him make magic on the tennis court, we certainly have this commercial to wet our appetites.

Here is the Video.

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