Tennis Hall of Fame Andy Roddick Wimbledon Periscope broadcast challenges future broadcasting norms, comments on Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic

Tennis Hall of Fame update Andy Roddick Wimbledon Periscope broadcasting
Andy Roddick Wimbledon Periscope broadcast becamse the most talked wherein he analyzed, answered questions from fans. Federer, Djokovic comments included.

Recent Tennis Hall of Fame updates talked about Andy Roddick’s  Wimbledon Periscope broadcast. Many tennis fans think his scoring, challenges the future broadcasting and the Wimbledon reporting norms.

In fact, he did this two times every Sunday to spend time analyzing Wimbledon tournaments. When he did, Roddick amazingly gained more than 100,000 views in his streams on Twitter. On its final broadcast, he was able to get 60,000 more from the men’s finally alone.

His stunning Periscope skills were used when he was still co-hosting a Fox Sports Radio show with Bobby Bones in 2012. At that time, he was an analyst on Fox Sports Live and joined BBC’s Wimbledon commentator in 2015.

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However, there is much difference when he did these streaming. It is more personal and he is at home. He told The Post Game that he just wanted to talk moren. But he loves to do the talking without going out and free from fixed venue and schedule.

“I don’t know that I enjoy getting on a plane and spending two weeks at a time away from home. But I love talking tennis, I like the following tennis, I like watching tennis,” Roddick said.

“So for me, it was exciting, and I reached out to the people at Periscope to see if there were any synergies about the idea of trying it. I went in, I have never done anything like it before,” he added.

Andy Roddick also explained that he didn’t want to conclude Periscopes as a future broadcasting method will be possible. “I don’t know. I think those are great questions and I’d be lying if I said I knew,” he stated.

“I do like the interactive nature of periscope. You can analyze a match. You can commentate. You’re talking with people and answering questions also, which isn’t possible during a normal broadcast. I think there’s something a little more casual about it,” Roddick cited.

“I can carry it with me and keep broadcasting while I’m making myself a cup of coffee and then cruise on back. It’s a new thing, and I think it’s a significant change and I’m excited to see where it leads,” he continued.

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Recently, Roddick shared his thoughts about Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon 2016. He said that the latter is the new greatest tennis player in the world. He is now getting stronger than before, Tennis Now reported.

“Right now if you just look at the number, Roger is obviously there. I think five Slams clear (ahead of Djokovic) is significant. But Novak’s obviously trending. He’s the greatest now,” he explained.

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