Tennis Hall of Fame Updates: Andy Roddick comments on Marat Safin, Novak Djokovic; Safin, Henin inducted

Tennis Hall of Fame updates about Andy Roddick comments on Marat Safin hall of fame and Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer tennis career
Tennis Hall of Fame updates tell Andy Roddick’s comments on Marat Safin as one of new inductees with Justine Henin. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal included.

Tennis Hall of Fame updates tells about Andy Roddick’s recent reflection on how the two of the greatest professional tennis players in the world. He reportedly gave comments on Marat Safin and Novak Djokovic.

Roddick admitted that tennis remains his first love though he already retired in 2012. In fact, he became analyst and commentator in Wimbledon in 2015.

Though he can’t play on the court like the way fans used to see, he remained active in the sport by sharing his knowledge on it. His recent Periscope broadcasts are the most talked about. He shared his thoughts about Wimbledon including one of the new inductees, Marat Safin.

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Safin along with Justine Henin are inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Game on Newport’s grass courts last Saturday. Hall of Famers Jimmy Connors and Monica Seles presented the two during the ceremony, ESPN noted.

“Whenever you talk about Marat, everybody gets this almost mischievous grin. That’s one of the endearing qualities about what he brought to the game,” Roddick said.

“Obviously, there’s a crazy amount of talent, but what makes him most memorable is the personality. A lot of times, we as athletes will try to present a tougher exterior than what we have, but he let you in and you were going through his matches with him as opposed to watching him march through,” he added.

Roddick also mentioned that Safin deserved where he is now including being awarded as one of the new Hall of Famers, ATP World Tour reported. Like every tennis fan, he felt excited about his new journey while looking back on what he has done in his entire career as a professional tennis player.

“I’m excited to see it and, like every tennis fan, I think we’re all excited to hear what he might say this weekend when he’s looking back on his career,” he said.

Aside from Marat Safin, he also expressed his comments on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s fate in their respective pro tennis career. “You look at Rafael Nadal and he’s a physical specimen, the weight of shot is amazing. You look at Roger Federer and the talent is instant to your eye,” Roddick compared.

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At the end of his statement, he admitted he also want to be inducted like Safin and Henin. According to him, it’s every tennis player’s dream. “I almost feel weird talking about it, because you feel undeserving when you look at the people who have been inducted,” he cited.

“But it’s natural to think about. I certainly hope to be considered [as one of the Tennis Hall of Fame inductees],” Roddick stated.

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