Tennis News: Andre Agassi warns athletes of dangers of social media

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Andre Agassi with Stefi Graff (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/AgassiAndre)

Andre Agassi warns today’s tennis players and athletes of the wrong use and dangers of social media. The former pro and one of the most popular players to play the game said in an interview that he is “thankful” that he did not play during the “social media era” as he sees it sometimes as a “liability” to the players.

“[Social media is] where you can lose perspective on the double-edged sword of social media and if you do sometimes it’s a real liability,” Agassi shared while guesting on a Sports Illustrated podcast.

“You have to treat it with a great deal of responsibility. That’s one of the reasons why I’m involved with Unscriptd. I do have an appreciation for the written word and how it lives on, and these days everything we say and do in that space lives in perpetuity, so it needs to be addressed with full attention.”

Agassi is referring to the website,, where athletes share their stories and thoughts through videos.

However, Agassi also admitted that social media quickly connects professional athletes to their fans and that’s good for communication between the two.

“It’s also an opportunity for athletes to go directly to their fan base and beyond. It’s also an opportunity for fans to connect in a real way to the athletes, to the people they look up to, the people they want to hear more from. Unfiltered, you know. Not governed, not ghostwritten, but truly straight from people to people,” Agassi added.

Agassi, who is an eight-time Grand Slam winner, has 334,000 followers in his Twitter account and 530,530 likes in his Facebook page.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/AgassiAndre

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